We are proud to announce that the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) has started a new 5-year Ph.D. program called “GRIPS Global Governance Program (G-cube)” in October 2014.
G-cube is 5-year program, Master’s and Ph.D., that aims to create leader of leaders who have a broad perspective based on firm knowledge in history and liberal arts, and can deal with various issues that are arising due to the emerging new world order and changing power dynamics,whether they are in government,, private sector or international organization 
The program was developed out of a sense of crisis that the world is faced with new and serious problems, such as financial crises, terrorism, energy challenges, and environmental issues, behind which lie conflicting interests, large value gaps, dysfunctional global governance systems, escalating globalization, the rise of emerging states, and drastic changes in the distribution of wealth and power in the world; and a new type of leader is needed to address these problems and forge a path to a new age. GRIPS has taken on as part of its mission to respond to this call and produce such leader of leaders needed in these changing times


The curriculum is designed to equip students with (1) a broad historical perspective, which will help them understand the true nature of policy issues and predict their overall impact, (2) strong analytical ability needed to develop insightful and effective policies, and (3) effective communication skills to convey ideas and opinions across languages,cultures, religions, and nationalities.


 The program is about to welcome its second batch of students, 11 from all over the world, who were selected out of more than 140 applications this year. For year 2016, to start in October 2016, deadline for application submission is 13 November,2015. The standard enrolment period is 5 years, but the curriculum is designed so that hard-working students will be ableto complete in 3 years.

Financial Support

Full scholarships are available for academically distinguished students. It would be highly appreciated if you could encourage those who may be interested to apply.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your respectfully,

Rumi Kondo

Director, Academic Programs Office

For further information:
On GRIPS : http://www.grips.ac.jp/en
On the program : http://www.grips.ac.jp/g-cube/en
On application procedures : admissions@grips.ac.jp
Inquiry on the program : leading-ml@grips.ac.jp